Monday, 16 September 2019


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Is Your marketing Agency Failing your Business??? Kind of a big claim right? Let me provide you some understanding of what I mean. Marketing agencies’ job is to provide their customers business with exposure to gain customers, leads or business, correct? All the marketing agencies I have searched or talked to, provide the typical services, Web Design, Print marketing, Video marketing, Social Media marketing, Billboards, Branding , and some offer online marketing. “SEO puts you in the right place at the right time -in Front of customers looking for your product or service” Most do really nice jobs creating websites, building logos and creating brands, however VERY FEW know anything at all about search engine optimization. Some claim to do digital marketing and even charge client’s huge amount of money to do it but provide very little to no results at all. Less than 10% of the ones I searched in the top 10 even list search engine optimization as something they offer as a service. Almost none have a certified Google Adwords or Certified Google Analytics specialist on staff! More Info:

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